Original and Awarded Design

Baggizmo bag is designed and manufactured in the EU by an award-winning product-design team. It’s made from innovative materials, with cleverly designed compartments, resulting with a product that combines elegance and maximum functionality.

Man in turtleneck and blazer wearing grey crossbody bag for men

Wearing above shirt or under the your jacket, it always looks great and slim even when it’s full.


Thanks to built-in NFC chip, the bag can be used to store and share various information – like your website, business card, phone number, link to social media networks – to unlock your doors or to make an online payment… options are endless.

Smart phone scanning NFC tag in Baggizmo smart bag
Man in a turtleneck wearing slim textile crossbody bag

Ergonomics works!

Fixed in a single point and with its weight distributed evenly, Baggizmo bag will stay secure next to your body. Whatever you do – walk, sit, stand up, gently lean etc. – the bag will not slip to one side although it’s strapped only to one shoulder.

inside and out

The inside compartments allow for optimal item storage and easy access. Everything has its own place, and you always know where your things are – you don’t even have to look inside to find them, because they will always be at your fingertips.

Men and women wearing modern colorful clothes and Baggizmo crossbody bags in fashion photography

Fashion statement for everybody

With its basic and minimalist – yet edgy and cool – design, Baggizmo bag will complement various fashion styles. Whether you get it in leather or textile versions, it will surely become a staple of your everyday look.

Man in brown cardigan wearing Baggizmo textile crossbody bag

or right-handed?

We believe that all people should have the same opportunities, hence we made a bag that is available for right-handed and for left-handed people. It`s very important to have a bag that suits your needs and habits. Our design team made sure that the bag sits on the suitable side of your body depending on whether you`re left-handed or right-handed. If you reach for your phone with the right hand, the bag should be on the left side of your body and vice versa.

Smart materials, smart look

Baggizmo materials are soft and pleasant to touch, but also very tough. Whether you opt for innovative Swiss-made fabric or genuine Italian Nappa leather, we are sure you will be thrilled. We only use the high quality materials for our products that are durable, breathable and will protect your gadgets from any abrasions. All the components of our products are made in the EU.

Our innovative textile Baggizmo bag is made using Schoeller Dynatec fabric, which is water repellent, tear resistant and UV resistant, giving our bags unprecedented levels of strength, safety and style, as well as eco-friendliness.

From the soft touch, rich smell and gorgeous looks, we know how great leather can be; that’s why we developed the Baggizmo Leather bag made with 100% genuine Italian Nappa Leather.