Baggizmo Wiseward wallet features 10 smart functions and wide assortment of sensors that combine practicality with advanced safety.

Woman in white suit and man in grey suit wearing Baggizmo genuine leather crossbody bag

Anti-theft ready

Sensors in your wallet are always on an alert, ready to inform you if somebody is fiddling with the wallet or trying to run away with it – they will trigger smart buzzer alarm, together with Vibrate or Push notification function on your mobile phone, if the wallet changes its position in a suspicious way.

App is in control

Connect the Wiseward with your mobile phone by Bluetooth, and a special application will take care of the wallet and bring you some cool features like function controls, battery life management, inner LED light changer etc.

Smart phone Baggizmo app for smart wallet
Technology in Baggizmo Wiseward smart wallet

NFC chip inside

NFC chip allows you to store personal information in the wallet, like the access codes for entering into garage or office building.

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Always in touch

Your Wiseward and your mobile phone are constantly connected through 2-way communication so you will know in every moment where each of them are.

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Keyword: slim

No more bulky wallet: Wiseward can receive up to 15 credit cards and still remain slim, pocket-sized and easy to use.

Quality meets ecology

Our designer wallets are made with high-quality durable materials that are water repellent, soft and pleasant to touch – and, what’s also important, they are FSC® certificated eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly water-repellent fabric for Baggizmo smart wallet
RFID pictogram for Baggizmo

RFID protected section

Baggizmo Wiseward has a special section that encases your cards in protective RFID material, in order to protect them against skimming devices, i.e. data theft.

RFID custom pictogram for Baggizmo

RFID-free section

The section without RFID protection enables you to use the cards that must stay unblocked all of the time – so you don’t have to pull them out of the wallet if you just want to open your garage door or enter a subway station.

UV light for counterfeit bills in smart wallet

Fake bill detector

Better safe than sorry: check the suspicious-looking bills under the UV lamp integrated in your wallet and learn if they are authentic or not.

LED there be light

RGB LED lamp lights up the wallet’s inside in various colors for better viewing in dark settings. Light can be customized via Baggizmo Wiseward app.

Smart wallet Baggizmo with RGB multicolor light inside
Red smart wallet on wireless charger

Wireless charge, anyone?

Although Wiseward sports a long-life battery, you should never let it run out of power – that’s why we fitted it with simple and wireless Qi charge device that enables fast charge, and can also charge other Qi compatible devices.

Our Wiseward wallet is every tech lover`s dream – smart, RFID protected, durable, slim, has a built-in NFC chip and LED light. Download the free Baggizmo app and always know where your wallet is! Fun fact: you can even name it in the app.

If you prefer a lighter construction and minimal design, then the Wiseward Essential is the best choice for you. The Essential kept the look and the high quality of the Wiseward, but we removed the tech components. Water repellent, durable and with more storage, but still RFID protected – the perfect everyday companion.