The best slim wallet on the market

The Best Slim Wallet On The Market

Thick impractical wallets are a thing of the past. Nowadays everyone wants their gadgets and daily essentials to be slim, including wallets.

The type of wallet George Costanza was carrying around in Seinfeld was difficult to watch even in those days, but imagining someone carrying such a wallet around today would be even harder. There is an overall desire for making wallets as slim as possible, yet stylish and functional.

George Costanza from Seinfeld holding a thick wallet gif

The best features

Even though we all want our wallets to be slim, we also want them to be practical and fit everything we need. Considering most people’s needs and desires, we came to the conclusion that Baggizmo Wiseward smart wallet is currently the best slim wallet on the market.

It fits up to 15 credit cards, but stays slim and easy to use. In addition to this, you can store your bills and coins in there as well! The problem with many wallets is that they bulk up when you put a lot of cards in them. Unlike them, Wiseward’s special design makes it stay slim and stylish-looking all the time.

Man in a sweater wearing leather green crossbody bag and holding a slim wallet

Slim wallet technology

Some people don’t just want a wallet; they want a gadget that will be their everyday companion and help them in many more ways than just holding their cards and money. This is where the smart wallets come in. Smart wallets are often equipped with the latest technology such as LED lights, UV lights, motion sensors, geolocation etc. The Wiseward wallet has all this and much more. Its UV light will help you determine if your bills are real; its LED light will light up the inside of the wallet; it has RFID protection, GPS tracker, integrated NFC chip, plus you can connect it to the Baggizmo app which enables a lot more possibilities.


And while most slim wallets come in standard colors such as black, brown or blue, Baggizmo Wiseward comes in a variety of fun and fashionable combinations. Because of this, everyone can find the right option for themselves. This slim wallet is unisex and doesn’t discriminate; whether you’re a man or a woman you can still go for Wiseward and take advantage of all of its features.

In addition to that, it is the perfect size to carry in your bag or a pocket; you can basically put it anywhere!

Slim wallet on the table in a cafe and a man sitting wearing a crossbody bag

Because of all these reasons, we truly believe the Wiseward is the best slim wallet option on the market. It won’t let you down because it offers everything you might need in a wallet and more. With its sleek features, eco-friendly (FSC® certificated) material and undeniable advanced tech, it will make you happy every time you reach for it in your bag or pocket.