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Fashion and tech: How they create the future in wearable tech

We thought that smartphones were a peak of our tech success when it comes to the gadgets for everyday use. We were so wrong because our future hides in wearable tech!

Simplicity Is The Ultimate Goal

We just want everything to be easier!

We like our tech products and gadgets simple and easy-to-use; nobody loves complicated settings and, most importantly, everybody wants everything in a single miniature device for daily use.

That’s why wearable tech is getting so big on the market.

It gives people simplicity and practicality – the feature which are priceless in today’s world!

Ten years ago, no one could imagine the direction in which technology would go and the rate of its progress. Now we need to process everything and see what kind of advantages these products offer to us. Almost every person in this world can find some wearable tech that they can benefit from.

Old School Vs Tech

The wristwatch – a symbol of elegance, organization and good style. An item that has sat on the throne of a good style for decades.

Today, combined with modern solutions and tech, it offers so much more than just information about time.

Smart watch is the most common wearable tech we see these days. It’s a gadget in the form of a wristwatch and is popular worldwide. A lot of people use a smart watch for tracking their fitness results but it has other possibilities which made this product so popular.

For example, using Google Maps while walking and searching for a location doesn’t need to look so silly – you walking and looking up and down till someone notices that you are lost and asks you if you need help.

Smart watch can lead you in such a way that you don’t have to look at your smartphone because the watch vibrates when you need to turn right or left, it uses different vibrations for each side you need to turn. Just look right in front of you, walk proudly and let your watch lead you.

This is a perfect example how something so classic like a watch can be improved and give us a lot of advantages in modern living.

Everything Should Have a Purpose

Just looking pretty is not enough. That’s why there is a great possibility that, in future, all of our jewelry will some extra purpose apart from making us look trendier and shinier.

There are already great examples of how innovators implement tech in jewelry. For example, a necklace which can predict the stress level of a person wearing it and track sleep and menstrual cycle.

What a great time to be alive for a woman, don’t you think? The smaller the gadget the better!

That’s why rings are such popular wearable tech items. We can use them for making payments, locking and unlocking doors and devices, sharing information to NFC supported devices and also look absolutely amazing. All new wearable tech items serve some tech and fashion purpose!

More Space

People collect so many things in their bags, on their desks and in their living spaces. In times like that, wearable tech comes like a big relief into our lives because it does something we all can’t – it saves our space and makes us feel comfortable.

Around five years ago, an average business woman would have in her bag a smartphone, a planner, tangled headphones, a charger, some makeup and a big wallet.

Today there are no more tangled headphones because you have a wireless, of course. Smartphone is thinner and smaller and has many more options; the planner with your daily schedule is integrated in the smartphone connected to your wristwatch which will notify you if you have a meeting soon.

No charger needed, because nowadays wearable tech is very durable. All this leaves much more space in every lady’s bag!

Every Item Can Be Wearable Tech

We have already mentioned a big wallet. You can now say goodbye to big wallets. Cool ideas make the best products so today you can even find a smart wallet for yourself!

But you should choose wisely because you want your finances to be in the safe place. For example, Baggizmo’s Wiseward wallet will cover the safety issue and will also provide 10 smart functions and a lot of sensors that together make excellent wearable tech.

Also, this one is a great example of how wearable tech can look good. Everything that is wearable needs to cover the fashion issue and this one is a trendsetter among wearable tech items. The awesome colors that cover every fashion style and the small and practical design… Perfect!

These wallets are made with high-quality durable materials that are water repellent. They are FSC® certificated eco-friendly.

Wiseward wallet is definitely the best example of how fashion and tech go well together.

smart watch

A Better Quality Of Life

Humanity can improve itself in such a great way and wearable tech is an excellent start in achieving that.

Who would have thought that people will have so much interest in gadgets which tell them how many heartbeats they have in a minute or how many steps they make in a day? With these innovations we can track our health condition and be more aware of ourselves.

Imagine how many diseases can be recognized at an early stage thanks to wearable tech and its capability of keeping track of our condition and symptoms.

Even now this is a good way to improve our lives but technology develops so fast. As a result, we can expect many other advantages from wearable tech soon.

Fashion and tech make a symbiosis in this industry because, like we said before, modern people want it all in a single small item.

Awesome Future Is Coming

The future seems bright for mankind if we use technology the right way. We already mentioned the advantages for our health that wearable tech brings, but there is so much more about this.

Small wearable tech means less material used for production. Less material means less waste, and a lot of wearable tech these days is made of eco – friendly  materials so it can be recycled.

A conference focused on wearables is scheduled for 2020.  It’s the world’s biggest wearable technologies conference and who knows what kind of new ideas will come to the daylight after that event.