Halloween inspired orange and brown wallet

Looking for a Halloween inspired wallet? We have the solution

Happy Halloween! We hope you have awakened your inner witch or monster and are ready to party all night long.

Orange is definitely one of the main colors of Fall, and this becomes even more emphasized for Halloween. It’s basically a pumpkin holiday, so it makes sense orange will be everywhere. However, if you’re a Halloween fan we have found a way to take a little piece of Halloween with you everywhere and all year round.

Pumpkin-colored wallet

People like to play safe, hence a lot of companies do wallets only in classic colors. Sure, black, brown and blue might work for many people, but all the risk-takers out there also need something special. People who are fashion-savvy like to play with various colors, materials and patterns when it comes to their accessories. 

Thankfully there is a wallet out there that will satisfy your fashion curiosity and let you take a little piece of Halloween with you throughout the year. It’s called Baggizmo Wiseward Essential wallet.

The wallet comes in many vibrant colors, one of them being pumpkin vintage brown. This combination of orange and brown screams Halloween. It adds the perfect touch of playfulness to cloudy Fall days.

RFID blocking

Nowadays it’s also really important to think about security and not just the looks of a product. When buying a wallet, we recommend you go for an RFID-blocking one. Data theft is on the rise and you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to your private data.

The Wiseward Essential ensures that your credit cards are safe and that no one can scan your information. The RFID-blocking material is the ultimate way of protecting your credit cards in the modern times.

This wallet stays slim even when full so you don’t have to worry about bulging pockets this Halloween. Take your Wiseward Essential with you and stay carefree no matter where you go.

This Halloween, every monster chooses the pumpkin-colored Wiseward Essential!