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Baggizmo bag

  • Can Baggizmo be washable?
    The innovative textile Baggizmo - there are two ways of washing:  Quick-wash program: Machine wash for 20 minutes on max. 30°C (86°F) and let it dry in the open (not in the dryer). Hand washing: Use a toothbrush with liquid detergent on it, gently rub it on Baggizmo and rinse in water (do not soak). Let it dry in the open. If it is necessary, use regular ironing, steam or dry, at a low setting (110C, 230F) only. Take care not to iron near or over an NFC tag in the top front pocket.  To clean up your Baggizmo inovative textile bag from small particles such as fuzz, dust or lint please use a lint roller.   Genuine leather Baggizmo - with proper care and maintenance, a genuine leather bag can last for years. Some people prefer their bags to take on a patina and develop character with age, others want their bags to look as good as new. To clean your genuine leather Baggizmo, simply wipe it with a soft damp cloth. Water damages leather, so ensure the cloth is damp not wet. For stubborn marks or dirt, use a leather cleaner suitable for bags. Do not use baby wipes or alcohol to clean the bag and avoid greasy products that could clog the leather’s pores. Take care not to brush too hard and damage the leather.   Do not wash the Baggizmo bag by soaking, because of the internal cushioning of the bag.
  • What is the difference between right / righty and left / lefty bag?
    The difference between the bags is that bag for righty person is on the left side of the body and the bag for left handed person is on the right side of the body. Choose righty – if you are primarily right handed and you reach for your phone with your right hand. In this version Baggizmo will be placed on the left side of your body. Choose lefty – if you are primarily left handed and you reach for your phone with your left hand. In this version Baggizmo will be placed on the right side of your body.
  • What would be the largest size device to fit inside it?
    The maximum device size that can fit in the tablet pocket is approx. 8.5" x 5.4". Which is a device such as iPad Mini (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation) or a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4". In the largest pocket, the back pocket that is the full dimension of the bag, a full size iPad can fit, but please be aware that this back pocket isn't officially designed for that purpose.
  • Is this bag suitable for woman?
    Although Baggizmo was primarily designed for men, we've also received great feedback from women. During the design process we've given it thought and it has become a part of our future product development plan. However, the current version of Baggizmo is suitable for women and we have a lots of female customers.
  • Is there any internal cushioning to soften something like a slight bump?
    Yes, all compartments have internal cushioning and are lined with innovative materials that provide special protection against mechanical or heat damage. So, all gadgets are protected on both sides.

Bike hook shackle

  • Can you please explain what the bike hook shackle does exactly?
    We tested various body positions in which the bag has to function in a way that the gadgets are easy accessible and that the bag doesn’t move around the body in uncontrolled directions. We were careful to arrange objects according to weight, so that one part of the bag would not outweigh another. When the upper part of your body (torso) is leaning forward (as though you’re on a bike) the bike hook shackle holds the bag close to your body and prevents it from falling forwards towards your chest. It's designed with a fixed and elastic part so you have the necessary ability to move while the bag is secured in the correct position. The other end of the bike hook shackle is a crocodile clip that you can secure to the edge of your trousers, pocket or belt.

Colour Options

  • Is it the colour on the monitor the same as the real product?
    Colors you see on your monitor are not always the same as the actual item. It will depend on your monitor, so we cannot give you a guarantee that your monitor displays the colors as they are.


  • Do you have priority shipping?
    If you need an urgent delivery, we can offer you DHL Priority shipping (5-10 days) for 19.99 USD and DHL Express shipping (2-5 days) for 27.99 USD.