RFID protected Baggizmo Wiseward Essential wallet

Meet the new Baggizmo Wiseward Essential wallet

This handmade wallet is a stylish and innovative solution to a big problem of the modern world – data theft.

Practicality meets fashion in Baggizmo’s new Wiseward Essential wallet. It is skilfully crafted from eco-friendly fabric and perfect for people who appreciate minimalist design with classic features.

Baggizmo Wiseward Essential wallet is durable and water repellent, but also soft to touch. It is ultra thin, minimal and discrete, but it can add a pop of color in your everyday life if you opt for one of the numerous vibrant color combinations. You can also personalize it with your initials or other letters that mean something special to you. When filled optimally it is only 10mm thick (10 cards + cash).

Baggizmo RFID eco-friendly Essential wallet

We all know how easy it is for criminals to steal the data from your credit cards nowadays – they just need to stand close to you in a crowded space and use a skimming device. Thankfully, you don’t have to fear that scenario anymore because the Wiseward Essential uses materials that disrupt the radio waves which are trying to read your card’s information. Hackers and scammers can’t touch you anymore!

What fits inside Baggizmo Wiseward Essential wallet, credit cards, cash

Baggizmo is a wearable tech-fashion brand that includes a unique EDC bag and technologically the most advanced smart wallet – Wiseward, that was born from a great vision of innovative and practical design. Now we are adding Wiseward Essential wallet to the family as a response to our clients’ needs. Baggizmo products are designed in Croatia and made entirely in Europe.

Cardinal red Baggizmo Wiseward Essential wallet on Macbook