The most common back pain cause

It’s almost like the common cold – everybody faces it sooner or later. The difference is that back pain causes more serious consequences than common cold and it’s much harder to prevent.

For that reason, we found out which is the most common cause of back pain and we offered some possible solutions that will make your life painless and easier.

Desk Job

A job that includes sitting for 8 hours is the main reason why lots of people feel pain in their lower back.

Sitting for such a long time is a problem in itself, but there are other factors that cause back pain while sitting. Wrong body positions contribute a lot to back pain. We force our body into unnatural positions while sitting. Doing it for a long time causes lower back pain, stiffed shoulders and neck pain.

Also, constantly tipping one’s head forward while looking down at the screen of a mobile phone or reading while holding a book very low causes a strain on the muscles of one’s neck and upper back.

The first step in finding a solution is to be aware of possible dangers. The second step is prevention – choosing to lead a healthier life. Physical activities, such as yoga or fitness will improve your life in many aspects and, of course, prevent the most common problem – back pain. Now when you know that sitting in wrong positions causes serious problems – make sure to sit properly and maintain a good posture while sitting, reading etc. on a daily basis.

No Good Sleep = No Good Life

Our body and soul need a good night’s sleep, every night! But sleeping is very tricky. We hear and read a lot about how stress level affects our sleep, but we often forget about other important factors that are right in front of our nose.

Do you even know what mattress you have or what kind of pillow do you need for a good night’s sleep? We pay a lot attention on choosing cozy clothes and comfy shoes, but our day starts and finishes in bed and we need to make sure that we have the best mattress and pillow which enable our body to rest properly for the next day.

Poor sleep quality is really one of the most common causes of back pain. Do your research! Find out what’s the best solution for you. Consult experts and doctors to find out which type of mattress do you need.

Mediumfirmness mattresses are often the best choice for people who are side sleepers with chronical back pain. The shape and firmness of the pillow are equally important. To conclude – high-quality sleep improves your health, but you can’t have it without a good mattress and a proper pillow.

Choosing Handbags Only by the Looks

Beauty comes in all sizes and shapes but the back pain comes from the wrong sizes and shapes that don’t fit well on your body. Women like oversized bags and purses. Large bags provide them to store all their items for daily use and even more.

The problem is that carrying a heavy bag for a long period of time can cause the shoulder to roll forward and downward. And everything goes down from there, upper back and neck come under strain, muscles weaken and the pain becomes awful. Unsuitable bags are one of the most common causes of back pain in women but men aren’t spared either.

Crossbody bags are a good solution because there is no pressure on just one side of the shoulders the weight is equally distributed and causes no pain. Take your time and find the best ergonomically designed bag for you. Having a suitable bag will make sure that your posture stays good and you will eliminate back pain. 

man wearing men's leather crossbody bag

Watch Where You Keep Your Wallet

Perhaps surprisingly, carrying a heavy wallet in your pocket is one of the most common causes of back pain. This condition has a name: the hip-pocket syndrome! A heavy wallet puts pressure on your spine.

Sitting with a wallet in your back pocket is also a problem. The nerves become pinched between the wallet and your hip and – believe us – you don’t want that. This problem shouldn’t exist anymore. We live in different times now: light cards have replaced heave coins in our wallets.

Nowadays we have so many modern and finely designed wallets for men that are easy for carrying and don’t cause back pain or any other pain.