Leather Vintage

Some things only get better with age like wine, friends and… leather. Leather becomes more beautiful as it ages, and the resulting material holds the moments of history in its imperfections. Some of us probably still keep an old briefcase, or wallet, or jacket in our wardrobes: they may look beaten-up and feel a little rough to the touch but they have stand the test of time, and we know how good it feels to wear, carry and own them. The only problem with vintage products is maintenance – old materials, especially leather, need to be maintained regularly to ensure that they make it to the next generation. For most people that truly enjoy these wearable pieces of history, maintaining is not a problem, but for those who want the vintage look and feel with no responsibility attached, Baggizmo is coming to the rescue. We wanted to give our customers that special feeling of holding history in their hands and continuing the tradition by passing their Baggizmo on to the next generation, but without the constant care such things require.

So we rolled up our sleeves, got down to work and created one of our best selling products to date: the Vintage Leather Baggizmo bag. Made out of traditionally sourced high grade Italian Nappa leather, in three colour variants, the Vintage Baggizmo bag give their users a look that factory-made torn jeans and dusty hats just can’t… the look of authenticity. The soft touch leather bears the most authentic vintage look we could source on the market, and retains its strength and quality year in and year out. Thanks to the traditional methods used in making our leather bags, the vintage look is made with the highest attention to detail and is given its worn look without compromising the structural integrity of the material. Equally robust, stylish and with same storage capacity as the Classic Leather Baggizmo, the Vintage Leather Baggizmo is ideal for those who sincerely appreciate age and aging.

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