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We know how hard it is for the lefties. Problems like smudging hand while writing, or bumping elbows while eating at a table, prove that left-handers experience a hard time with items that are not suited for them - from things as simple as pens, to computer keyboards (and yes, left-hand keyboards exist!). We all live in a right-handed world and being a lefty can sometimes be highly frustrating, to say the least. One of the issues modern left-handed people face is finding items that suit their needs perfectly, like an everyday carry bag. We at Baggizmo have managed to solve that problem for right-handers, and then the lefties came knocking. This was an issue most companies would simply disregard, or don’t even see as a problem, but not us. We wanted to offer each and every customer an EDC experience that has no flaws.

If you are among the 15% of left-handed population we’ve worked really hard to bring you what you wanted: a selection of Baggizmo bags, both textile and leather, specially designed for lefties in mind. It all begun with thorough testing of our basic bag version - during the tests we soon realized that the usual layout, which allows practical and easy use and quick access to the Baggizmo for the right-handers, wasn’t going to work for the left-handers. What we needed, it turned out, was a mirror image of the basic right-hand bag. Finally, we designed, tested and manufactured a number our Textile and Leather Baggizmos with mirrored design for left-handed users: the high-quality bags with the same design, features and functions but made especially for our southpaw customers.