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What's better than a bundle? We bundle everything these days! Buying a TV? Get the home cinema bundle for with surround sound, blu ray, and your favorite game console. You like that jacket but don’t have anything that goes with it? Buy it in the Fall collection bundle and get two full outfits that match the jacket perfectly. There is nothing wrong about bundles except that, for most of the time, they’re seasonal. We at Baggizmo hate when we need to wait for some amazing bundle deals to come out. Either summer, winter, fall or spring, the waiting drives us insane and we know for a fact that many of our customers feel the same.

So we sat down and, under the slogan “the more the merrier”, came up with an early Christmas deal, spring break, fall blowout and summer sale! We put together several fantastic bundles to give our customers the full Baggizmo+Wiseward experience of style, security, and convenience. Needless to say, our bundles come in packaging that complements styles of both Baggizmo and Wiseward wallets. You don’t have to wait for the perfect bundles, because we’ve got them all year long.