Leather Baggizmo – Gray

Leather Baggizmo – Gray

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Genuine leather Baggizmo - Gray

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Genuine leather Baggizmo bag in Gray color option.

The genuine leather Baggizmo is made of high quality first selection genuine Italian nappa leather brought directly from Veneto – a well-known leather producing region near Venice, Italy (EU). Nappa leather is known for its soft temper. It’s very soft and pliable, but also very tough and durable. It is not easily stained and has an intact top-grain. It is more “breathable” and does not retain moisture. The leather often develops a patina over the years, which adds to its beauty.

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Baggizmo buckles
You can choose silver or black matt finishing.

The buckles are an original Baggizmo design produced in the EU (Croatia) just for this bag. The buckles are made from Zamak, part of the zinc aluminium alloy family, with a satin nickel surface treatment. Both buckles, silver or black matt finishing, have a really nice metal look and feel. The matt finishing is achieved with a high performance cataphoretic lacquer with improved wear resistance.

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Baggizmo straps
You can choose from 3 designs / colors: black, gray or pattern gray.

The straps are made in the EU (Belgium) of a superb mixed composition weave with a soft fiber feel but are rugged and unusually resistant at the same time.

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Lefty or righty
You can choose lefty or righty version of the bag.

Choose righty – if you are primarily right handed and you reach for your phone with your right hand. In this version Baggizmo will be placed on the left side of your body. Choose lefty – if you are primarily left handed and you reach for your phone with your left hand. In this version Baggizmo will be placed on the right side of your body.


Baggizmo keeps your things safe
All the compartments have internal cushioning and are also lined with several layers of material that provide special protection against mechanical or heat damage. 

Inner lining material – microfiber
This ultra-fine fiber is lightweight, durable, but soft and electrostatic. It is very good to use for gadget pockets, because the material is often used to clean screens. And your Baggizmo gadget pockets will ensure that your screens are always clean.

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Back of the bag 
The back of the Baggizmo bag is made from breathable mesh material from Schoeller®-spirit fabrics. It’s cosy and comfortable, has good breathability and perfect weather protection. Its special mesh structures ensure ventilation combined with good protection.


NFC tag
The Baggizmo has integrated an NFC tag in the top front pocket. NFC (near field communication) is a wireless technology which allows the transfer of data such as texts or numbers.