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Baggizmo is composed of 15 different materials joined together in one bag. There are zippers, ribbons, labels for thepassages, inner fabric, the basic fabric (genuine leather or innovative textiles), the material for the back of the bag, internal cushioning, straps, fabric for brand tag, textile label, front buckle, two regulators, NFC…

Baggizmo is produced in 12 colors from two main materials – innovative textile or genuine leather, has 11 zipper colors in 3 lengths and 5 diferent straps design.


Baggizmo is made of quality and innovative materials that provide special protection against mechanical or heat damage.

The Innovative textile Baggizmo is made from Schoeller®-dynatec, an innovative material that is abrasion resistant, fall protection, breathable, 2-way–stretch, UV stops, wind and water repellent. The material is made of hard wearing fabric with good protective properties and a high level of stability. It is pleasant to the touch and can cope with heavy demands and has an attractive appearance.

Schoeller® (Switzerland, EU) produces highly-functional fabrics and innovative textile technologies for sport, work, lifestyle, fashion  and office furnishings. They pay close attention to ecological safety and good design. Innovation in the design of fabrics had won them awards and put them in a leading position in pioneering changes.

The genuine leather Baggizmo is made of high quality first selection genuine Italian nappa leather brought directly from Veneto – a well-known leather producing region near Venice, Italy (EU). Nappa leather is known for its soft temper. It’s very soft and pliable, but also very tough and durable. It is not easily stained and has an intact top-grain. It is more “breathable” and does not retain moisture. The leather often develops a patina over the years, which adds to its beauty.




The various materials are produced in Croatia, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland and tailored in our factory in Croatia.

We are especially proud of our originally designed buckles made from Zamak, part of the zinc aluminium alloy family, with a satin nickel surface treatment. Both buckles, silver or black matt finishing, have a really nice metal look and feel. The matt finishing is achieved with a high performance cataphoretic lacquer with improved wear resistance.

The raw castings get the first layer of copper plating, then in the second step they get a layer of satin nickel plating. For the black satin buckles there’s an extra step – varnishing. In the next picture you see the buckles in various stages of production and the two halves of the tool (mold): raw castings, copper-plated castings, satin castings…

Baggizmo buckles are made in PES – a Croatia based creative factory for custom-made products.

The straps
are made in the EU (Belgium) of a superb mixed composition weave with a soft fiber feel but are rugged and unusually resistant at the same time.



Baggizmo is tailored from more than 30 parts of fabric with 90 separate actions that must be performed to a ready-sewn bag.

The first phase of the cutting the material – stamping more than 30 parts of fabric per bag. We have innovative textile or genuine leather as main material, the back of the bag material and inner lining material.

Then the passages for cables, inside the bag, are sealed with special labels.


The back of the Baggizmo bag is made from breathable mesh material from Schoeller®-spirit fabrics. It’s cosy and comfortable, has good breathability and perfect weather protection. Its special mesh structures ensure ventilation combined with good protection.

Inner lining material is microfiber. This ultra-fine fiber is lightweight, durable, but soft and electrostatic. It is very good to use for gadget pockets, because the material is often used to clean screens. And your Baggizmo gadget pockets will ensure that your screens are always clean.




The tailoring of Baggizmo is a very challenging sewing job. In some parts of the bag Baggizmo has 6 layers of materials and internal cushioning to be combined.


The bags are sewn inside out, combined in layers, and then turned the right round.

Gurtne-2 copy

Empty shoulder straps before cushioning and sewing.

Due to the complex and highly functional design, Baggizmo has a total of 12 layers of materials in a bag thickness of only one centimeter (0.4 inch).




And here are Baggizmo bags ready for packing.







  • "Wearing it now -- so cool! Wife says I cannot wear it to bed -- LOL Congrats! Wishing you the best.” - Sean / Sarasotas, USA.
  • "I received my leather Baggizmo, and it is beautiful! I can't wait to begin exploring the function, as it seems very well considered. Nice work!" - Tod, product designer / USA.
  • "Great Product, Great Webside, Great Company"- Pal / GERMANY.
  • “Received my Baggizmo, and I can’t believe how slim of a profile it has. I can’t wait to use this when I travel. Awesome Job!!!” - Damon / West Deptford, USA.
  • "I just got my Baggizmo! I am fully satisfied and it will not leave me in my travels. It is really great, I can put anything I want, much more than in a conventional bag. This is The Super Bag." - Clerbois / FRANCE.
  • "This is the most tech forward bag I have. I am living in the future! Thank you and your team for the hard work and the detail you put into the project. I look forward to your next great idea.” - David / Minneapolis, USA

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