The benefits of an RFID wallet

The Benefits of an RFID Wallet

RFID wallet is something we hear a lot about these days. However, as some people don’t know what it means, we decided to clear up the confusion.

In this day and age when data theft is on the rise, owning an RFID wallet has become more important than ever.

Man scanning card with RFID chip on a card terminal

What does RFID mean?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It was first created during World War II to identify British aircraft as they returned to their base after a mission. Today, however, it is mostly used in banking, shopping, transportation etc.

As we all know, thieves are getting smarter and smarter. Technology advances and they are sure to follow. Some credit cards have an embedded RFID chip which allows you to make payments by just pressing the card on the scanner. This means you don’t have to insert your card into a card slot, but merely touch it instead. It’s convenient but it can also be dangerous.

If you’re standing in a crowded place, and you have your card with an RFID chip in your pocket or your bag, someone could potentially scan your card with a special device, steal your personal data and clone your credit card. This is how crafty today’s thieves are! You have to think about scenarios like this and be one step ahead of them. Thankfully nowadays you can buy an RFID-blocking wallet, which will ensure no one can steal your data!

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What is an RFID wallet?

Tech-savvy thieves might use an RFID reader to scan the information from your credit card.  RFID reader uses radio waves to read this data, so the purpose of an RFID wallet is to block these radio waves. An RFID wallet is made of a special material that can block and/or interrupt radio waves. If the wallet is well made, there is no way someone can steal your data.

Not every credit card can be scanned by such a reader, but the danger is definitely there. And if you ask us, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Moreover, it’s a well-known fact that data theft is at an all-time high so you can never be safe enough.

The problem some people encounter when it comes to RFID wallets is that they are often bulky and unappealing. However, there are options out there that won’t add bulk to your pocket or bag. Baggizmo Wiseward Essential is a perfect example of an RFID wallet that stays slim even when full, and it also looks stylish. It comes in various color combinations and it’s also water-repellent.

There are great options out there, but it all depends on your preferences and needs.

Man holding an RFID wallet with dollars and coffee on the table

The future of wallets

Tech is getting incorporated into every segment of life more and more. Fashion is not immune to that either. Fashion items like clothing, accessories, and even shoes are now influenced by technology. It seems like we all crave technology every single day and we want all of our everyday items to be smart. We have come to a point where we want to be able to interact with our clothing, fridge, phone, car and more.

Smart wallets are already here and are armed with the latest technology like UV lights, LED lights, motion sensors, NFC chips, and so on. However, we can only expect this to expand even more in the future. Just 10 or 15 years ago, opening your phone with a fingerprint seemed like science fiction, but now it’s a normal thing that we use in our everyday lives. Of course, it’s up to you if you want to embrace all this technology or not.

Maybe you just want a simple wallet with RFID protection and you don’t need all the extra bells and whistles of a smart wallet. If this is your preference, that’s perfectly fine.

On the other hand, it’s good to know there are options out there for those who want the latest tech as well.