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Get to know your Baggizmo

This is a place where you can find out how to configure your NFC and get to know your Baggizmo.

The Baggizmo has integrated an NFC tag in the top front pocket. NFC (near field communication) is a wireless technology which allows the transfer of data such as texts or numbers.


To configure your NFC you need NFC compatible device* and application.

*currently not all devices support NFC, check your phone functionalities

step 1 / App download

To write on your NFC download application from Google playstore (for ANDROID) or from Microsoft store (for windows mobiles). For IOS, Apple needs to unlock NFC possibilities on iPhones (in the future).

step 2 / Write it

The “Write” tab let you record standardised data such as: a simple text; a link to a website, a video; a social profile or an app; an email; a contact info; a phone number; a predefined text message; an address or geolocation; a WiFi or Bluetooth configuration; personalised data.

step 3 / Read it

To read the NFC information enable NFC option on the device and approach with the device close to NFC tag position on the bag.

Smartly designed everyday carry bag – easy to wear, highly functional with numerous compartments specially designed to look slim even when it’s full, made ergonomically with high-quality innovative materials which will make you look good, feel good and carry on with your day.

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Baggizmo has specially designed compartments for a tablet, two smartphones, keys, wallet, headphones, power stick and more.

A pocket for headphones is placed on the padded shoulder strap.  It helps avoid tangled cables while you have your headphones as close as you need – as you sit, walk or drive.


In between the compartments there are specially tailored (hidden) passages  which allow the charging of a tablet with a power stick or the connection of headphones to a phone.

For more active body movements (running, sharp leans forward as on a bike, jumping etc.), the Baggizmo bag is additionally fixed to a second point by using a buckle (bike hook shackle) that attaches to the pants, belt or back pocket.


  • "I received my leather Baggizmo, and it is beautiful! I can't wait to begin exploring the function, as it seems very well considered. Nice work!" - Tod, product designer / USA.
  • "This is the most tech forward bag I have. I am living in the future! Thank you and your team for the hard work and the detail you put into the project. I look forward to your next great idea.” - David / Minneapolis, USA
  • “Received my Baggizmo, and I can’t believe how slim of a profile it has. I can’t wait to use this when I travel. Awesome Job!!!” - Damon / West Deptford, USA.
  • "Wearing it now -- so cool! Wife says I cannot wear it to bed -- LOL Congrats! Wishing you the best.” - Sean / Sarasotas, USA.
  • "I just got my Baggizmo! I am fully satisfied and it will not leave me in my travels. It is really great, I can put anything I want, much more than in a conventional bag. This is The Super Bag." - Clerbois / FRANCE.
  • "Great Product, Great Webside, Great Company"- Pal / GERMANY.

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