When did men's bags become a thing?

They are more and more popular, and it’s make sense because men today are more aware of their style and practical needs. But do we know when did men’s bags become a thing in society?

Through the History

Some kind of pockets/bags for safekeeping of items first appeared on men’s wardrobe in the renaissance. The renaissance men used some sort of bags on their belts for safekeeping of money or herbs/spices.  As hunting was a very popular hobby for men in the past centuries, they also had hunting bags which were actually very similar to the bags later called “woman’s purse”.

Industrial revolution made an impact on almost every aspect of living. That being said, the new era created new needs for men. As a result, traveling and business trips became popular. Factories and railway created a new economic class and new jobs. There were managers running around and making business, and guess what – they needed some portable case for their important papers and other office supplies.

Briefcase was thus introduced to the world! This new item had metallic locks to prevent theft and opening during transport.

Specific Wartime Needs

Imagine the troops’ needs created by wartime conditions. Extreme weather, deprivation of sleep, long marches, hiding, not enough food or drink. Bread bags turned out to be very useful and soldiers could keep their essentials in them. They were used for keeping everything that fits and is easy to carry. After the war, the world changed in so many ways.

An item in which a person could keep their belongings and important stuff for daily use became a must have. Of course, wealthier people could afford nicer designs and the less wealthy ones carried some sort of a tote bag.

Man wearing a textile men's bag good for back

Satchel Bags

Indiana Jones was a men’s bag Influencer  when Harrison Ford appeared on screens with his satchel bag. As of that moment, not only schoolboys wanted them. Remember all the cool movies from the 1990’s, where a journalist or an attorney intern wore a bag of similar design. The one Charlie Heaton wears as “Jonathan” in Stranger Things. Crazed market and fashion industry made sure to offer every man a bag that will suit their needs, work and style.

Metrosexual Men Turning into Just Men

In the first decade of the 21st century, a man who carried a bag was defined as a metrosexual man. It had become a common thing by then, but there were still some judgmental opinions about men’s bags. Well, how tables have turned. Wallets, mobile phones, tablets, documents, headphones, keys – they all need safekeeping and a pocket on someone’s pants just wasn’t enough anymore. Some thought everything fitted in their pockets, and yes – it looked ugly.

Modern Men

When you think about it, do you ever see a man today without any kind of bag on his shoulder? At least, it’s a laptop bag or a backpack, but thanks to fashion industry there are so many awesome designs of men’s bags nowadays that every man can choose an item that fits him perfectly.

Along with the fashion industry, the progress in technology has created a market offering products with a touch of IT and a touch of good style. Can we say that we have it all now?

Something Is Always “the Best”

There is a bag in the market now that will perfectly fit your body, as if it were made just for you. Made of 100% Italian Nappa leather, this bag really makes an impression. It’s strapped only to one shoulder and it’s probably the slimmest man-bag currently existing.

Of course, it’s not all in looks. Appearance can be deceiving – which is not a bad thing in this case! From the outside, this bag looks subtle and slim and a person who wears it can easily move without feeling “heavy”. Inside, however, it is a whole different story. Lots of space and many pockets for keeping absolutely everything a man needs and carries. So not only one looks elegant with it, but this bag really makes everyday life neater and more refined. 

Man sitting on a park bench wearing manbag

Modern Gentlemen

Who are those modern gentlemen? The ones who make sure that their life is easier and more practical. Also the ones who feel comfortable in every situation and place, and this bag is perfect for that because it is slim and occupies minimum space – a great advantage in public transport and in crowds.

Practicality isn’t the only important factor for modern men. They care about their looks and impressions they leave on others. It’s crazy to say that looks doesn’t matter when we are surrounded with jobs and carriers where the main concern is to leave a good first impression. The only first impression that this beautiful and classy bag makes is – “wow”! A modern and innovative man with a great style!

It’s a Keeper

Soft and smooth on touch, easy for handling and with perfectly designed details – these are all reasons why this one is a keeper. It’s not just one of those this season manbags. A mix of tradition and modernity with the feel for a modern man’s daily needs have resulted in a men’s bag that fits for a lifetime.

Baggizmo’s ultimate goal isn’t just to sell a product, but to create satisfied customers who will appreciate the amount of effort, consideration and time invested in such refined and practical men’s bags.