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Why You Need An RFID Blocking Bifold Wallet

Probably the most common men’s wallet is a bifold wallet. If you decide to go for this kind of wallet, you should definitely consider getting an RFID blocking bifold wallet.

In this day and age, when data theft is on the rise, it’s important to think about all the possibilities that could happen. Especially when you’re in a crowded place. You never know who might be lurking. Here are a few reasons why you need an RFID blocking wallet.

A bifold wallet is practical

The classic features of a bifold wallet include its size, shape and the way you use it. A bifold wallet is rectangular and folds in half. It’s usually just the right size to fit every man’s essentials without stretching too much.

Everyone has different needs, but chances are that a bifold wallet would be the preference of the most people.

A bifold wallet is usually made to fit your ID, many credit cards and receipts; some also have a coin purse attached. It all depends on your preferences.

When it comes to material, there are also many options available. Some people like the luxe feeling of genuine leather and don’t even want to look at a wallet that’s not made of leather. Others prefer faux leather or innovative eco-friendly materials that are man-made.

bifold wallet

RFID blocking bifold wallet

Why is RFID blocking important? With data thefts on the rise, we should never take our safety for granted. There are thieves lurking everywhere and we should do everything we can to protect ourselves. Especially when simply getting a new wallet would do the trick.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It was first created during World War II to identify British aircraft as they returned to their base after a mission. Today, however, it is mostly used in banking, shopping, transportation etc.

In modern world, tech-savvy thieves can use an RFID reader to scan the data from your credit card when you’re in a crowded place. RFID readers use radio waves to read this data and the purpose of an RFID blocking bifold wallet is to block these waves.

An RFID wallet is made of a special kind of material that can interrupt and block radio waves. This is why it’s very smart and useful to own a wallet like that. You can never be too safe!