tangled headphones

How To Keep Your Headphone Wires From Getting Tangled

Is there anything as annoying as tangled headphone wires?!

Tangled headphone wires are a problem that almost every person on the planet faces occasionally.

We all know the scenario: we want to listen to the music and, when we reach for the headphones in our bag/pocket, we find them tangled in a million knots!

Every time we ask ourselves: “How did this happen?! I clearly remember folding them neatly in my pocket!”

Why do headphone wires get tangled?

Did you know that there is a mathematical formula that  explains why your headphone wires get tangled?

Believe it or not, this phenomenon has been the subject of scientific research. Earbud tangles are a function of the length of the wire and the amount of agitation the wire is subjected to.

When the two are plotted against each other – length versus agitation – the rate of knots and tangles follows the statistical pattern that describes a curve.

A research paper titled Spontaneous Knotting of an Agitated String by Dorian M. Raymer and Douglas E. Smith from the Department of Physics of the University of California in San Diego demonstrated this phenomenon: It revealed that a cord of less than 46 centimeters in length (about 1 foot six inches) will almost never tangle itself when sealed inside a rotating box for a period of time.

However, when a wire is between 46cm and 150cm long, the probability of knots forming on it rises dramatically. Who would have thought that the length of a wire has something to do with how often it tangles?!

This goes to show how frustrated people get because of tangled wires: that they even went so far to carry out scientific research about it.

The solution for tangled headphone wires

It’s actually very simple – the Baggizmo crossbody bag is the solution!

This multifunctional bag has a specially designed padded strap for headphone wires and cell phone charging. It’s a brilliant solution for tangled wires!

This special shoulder strap helps you avoid the unwanted tangling of wires while keeping your headphones close during all your activities.

In between the compartments there are specially tailored (hidden) passages which enable you to charge your tablet via a power bank or to connect your headphones to your phone.

This is the perfect example of an innovative solution for the modern age.