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The market for EDC (Every Day Carry) has grown to include multiple different types of bags, satchels, packs and sacks. But among the endless varieties, the best in terms of comfort, efficiency and style is the crossbody bag, hands down. These bags take into consideration the comfort and immediate requirements of their users. Not everyone needs to carry a whole camera set with them, or text books that weigh a ton, but everyone carries a number of necessities every day - like wallets, phones, tablets, pen and notepads etc. Today, more and more men don’t feel embarrassed to use an everyday carry bag, and have primarily gravitated towards the crossbody bag for its low key utility and generally stylish appearance. Until now, options for men’s bags were summed up in either briefcases, fanny packs, or awkward side bags that were bulky and more of a hassle than a help. The crossbody bag has given men more flexibility, personalization and comfort during their commutes, but the market is full of options and finding the perfect one wasn’t always easy... Until now.

Countless options aside, the Baggizmo crossbody bag has proven to be the highest in its class on all fronts. The innovative minimalist design appeals to wearers; the rationally organized space inside gives the bag a large storage space for multiple devices and everyday items; the internal electrostatic microfiber keeps electronic devices safe and clean during travel, and the specially designed buckle and strap holds the bag in place during physical activities. Of course, no bags features will save it if its core materials aren't good enough - that’s why we use only the highest quality materials, sourced and manufactured in the EU. The award winning design, focus on functionality and comfort coupled with a wide range of colours and material options, makes the Baggizmo crossbody bags the ultimate choice in everyday carry options for men.