Genuine leather Baggizmo bag - Black


Genuine leather Baggizmo bag - Black


Baggizmo is a men’s cross-body bag for daily wearing, cleverly thought out with specially designed compartments and made in Europe from innovative materials. It provides a high level of functionality and comfort without sacrificing quality or style.

  • Genuine Italian Nappa leather with soft and smooth feel
  • Stays slim and elegant even when it’s full
  • Fixed in place during body activity
  • Rationally organized space with lots of compartments
  • Highly comfortable and ergonomically friendly
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Black leather crossbody bag full of things, gadgets, passport, keys

Lots of practical
storage space

Baggizmo bag has specially designed and well organized compartments for a tablet, two smartphones, keys, wallet, headphones, power stick and more.
Man in a turtleneck wearing slim textile crossbody bag

Stable and fits nicely around the body

Fixed in a single point, the bag stays immobile and does not slip sideways when strapped around the shoulder. It is designed to be slim fit – in other words, to follow the outline of the body thanks to the adjustable padded shoulder strap, and to allow the wearer’s easy access to the bag’s interior.
NFC tag Baggizmo pictogram

Integrated NFC tag

To configure your NFC, please refer to our FAQ.
Slim leather crossbody Baggizmo bag with YKK zippers

Stays slim even when it’s full

Thanks to its clever and well-thought-out design, the bag can receive a lot of gadgets, documents and personal belongings; even if you wear it above the shirt or under the jacket – it will still look elegant & slim.
Baggizmo italian nappa leather

Genuine Italian Nappa leather

Nappa leather is a very soft, smooth and pliable but also strong and durable material. Nappa has breathable properties and does not retain moisture, which makes it suitable for wearing next to body.
High quality buckles, straps and zippers

The buckles on Baggizmo are made from Zamak, alloy from the zinc-aluminum family, with a satin nickel surface treatment. Both buckles, silver or black matt finishing, have nice metallic look and feel.

Baggizmo straps are made in the EU (Belgium) from a superb mixed composition weave with fibers that are soft to the touch but at the same time rugged and highly resistant. Baggizmo straps are adjustable and can fit all body shapes and sizes.

New version of the bag has high quality YKK zippers with bigger sliders.

Italian Nappa leather crossbody bag closeup with iPhone

Keeps your gadgets safe & clean

For the Baggizmo pocket lining we have chosen a soft but durable microfiber that is lightweight, electrostatic and often used for cleaning gadgets – that’s why pulling phones and tablets in and out of the bag will keep their screens always clean.
Baggizmo mesh on the back, leather bag

Cozy and breathable material on the back

The back of Baggizmo cross-body bag is made from a mesh material with a structure that makes it cozy and comfortable to wear thanks to good ventilation and breathability combined with perfect weather-protection properties.

Wearing above shirt or under the your jacket, it always looks great and slim.

Man wearing a blazer, a turtleneck and slim crossbody bag
Man on bicycle showing Crossbody bag for active lifestyle

Made for active everyday life

During more active body movements like running, jumping, riding a bike etc. the Baggizmo bag can be additionally fixed to a second point by using a buckle (bike hook shackle) that attaches to the pants, belt or back pocket.

Baggizmo packaging

It’s only logical that a bag for gadgets is packed like – a gadget. That’s why we pack Baggizmo in an electrostatic semitransparent envelope (which also protects the integrated NFC tag) with a zipper on the top. The package contains branded materials and instructions for use and care of your Baggizmo bag.
Bagggizmo silver packaging

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