The fabrics you wear tell a story about you; who you are, what you like and how you see yourself. It’s a trait that humanity has had for centuries, from the first animal skins and beautiful ornate cloths worn by Mesopotamians, to the green and strict suits of today’s military commanders. Textiles are everywhere and the story they tell means more than you think.

Unfortunately, the ever changing modern trends have made creating copious amounts of quality fabrics very costly. Most big stores today will sell textiles dirt cheap, with the implicit expectation that it won’t last until the launch of next collection. But people are not fooled easily – sure, one can buy a whole wardrobe with just half of his/hers paycheck today, but those who crave true quality aren’t easily satisfied.

We at Baggizmo make a great effort that the textiles we use in our products aren’t just beautiful, but strong, functional, resilient and attractive; that’s why we use only the highest quality materials for our bags. Speaking about textile, we managed to find something really special: Swiss made Schoeller fabrics. Since Schoeller fabrics were used for the making of Star Trek: Discovery uniforms, we thought – if it’s good enough for Star Fleet, it’s good enough for Baggizmo!

With these innovative materials, we have developed one of the toughest, smartest and coolest looking cross body bags on the market to date. The main part of the Baggizmo is made using Schoeller Dynatec fabric, which is water repellent, tear resistant and UV resistant, giving our bags unprecedented levels of strength, safety and style, as well as eco-friendliness. The back of the bag is covered in Schoeller mesh material that allows air circulate inside the bag to keep electronic devices safe from overheating, and to make the wearer feel comfortable and sweat-free. Our fabrics come in a wide range of beautiful colours to suit every kind of user, from the sporty ones to the professionals… whatever is your thing, there is a Textile Baggizmo for you.

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