Wiseward Essential wallet

Created with the same approach and with the same materials as Wiseward smart wallet, Essential is crafted especially to bring simplicity and uniqueness into your EDC. It comes in modern diamond-pattern style and classic tweed-pattern style, both with innovative RFID lining.

Made for the pure traditionalists, the Wiseward Essential is our response to the requests of our customers who loved Wiseward, but didn’t really need the Smart part. The positive feedback we got for the design and much-praised look of the Wiseward was enough for us to make a newly designed Premium bi-fold wallet. The new Wiseward Essential was created with the same approach, the same materials, and the same attention to detail and testing as its older Smart Wallet brother.

To give the Essential more character, we created an eye-catching contrasting colour design on the face of the wallet. Thanks to the lack of electronic components and unique design, the Essential storage capability doubled compared to the Smart wallet brother, yet it still retains its slim profile even when full. Aside from the redesign, we also decided to add more colour options to the Essential, including a 3 tone version, in order to provide variety of choices to our customers.

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