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Look around you and you’ll notice a design aesthetic that is becoming more and more present in our daily lives: fluid design, sharp geometric lines and bright uplifting colours have begun to spill out of the sci-fi blockbuster movies into the real world and we, the public, love it. These modern designs and bold spaceship styles were our vision while developing the Wiseward smart wallet, because we at Baggizmo, the creators of the best Smart wallet to date, believe that the future is bright and full of wonders.
Although a high-tech wallet can look just as the basic black thing most people carry around, we decided to take different approach.

While developing our products, we were introduced to new innovative materials and picked the most interesting, beautiful and futuristic among them for the Wiseward Smart wallet. The eye catching diamond shaped pattern material on the outside of our wallet give off that very contemporary flavour we aimed for, and the neat, soft to the touch wallet’s lining is real delight to use. Cool, sleek and edgy, but reassuringly elegant and sophisticated: Wiseward Smart wallet is all that. So, all you futurists and fans of modern design, geometric shapes, bright live colours, and functionally designed technology - Wiseward Diamond style Smart wallet is made just for you.