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Finding the sweet spot between the old and the new is hard. Many of us appreciate the rapid growth of technology and its aesthetics, yet the sleek minimalistic patterns of time-honoured materials makes us miss the good old days. Traditional materials, the feeling of quality they represent and the painstaking work invested in their making gives off a powerful feeling of joy and pride for their owners. But we can’t let nostalgia hold us back, so finding the intersection between old and new was what we wanted to achieve, and what we wanted to offer to our customers. As with all our products, high quality materials and a premium level of craftsmanship was the benchmark we have strived to reach with every product.

Using the innovative technology we have developed a high grade traditional tweed material casing for our Wiseward smart wallet - and, we are proud to say, the sweet spot has been found. The soft to the touch tweed style fabric comes in a variety of vintage colours and retains an aged elegant look, while still being a part of the most intuitive and advanced smart wallet on the market. For those who miss the past but respect the future, Wiseward Tweed style smart wallet will be the ideal place to store their valuables.