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Depending on your stance of the matter leather can be perceived as either beautiful or barbaric, but there is no denying that it’s functional. The tradition of wearing animal skins goes all the way back to the first humans, who would wear leather skins not only to keep warm, but as a statement of hierarchy. The leaders wore the largest and heaviest skins to present themselves as the leader of their tribe. Throughout history, the practice of leather making and tanning has improved to the point of perfection. From the ancient Greeks, who first found leather tanning solutions from various tree barks and leaves soaked in water, to the first modern chrome-tanned leathers that paved the way for mass production, the tradition and method of making quality leather is a fascinating blend of science and passion for the craft.

Our respect for this tradition, and the functional and aesthetic nature leather provides, has driven us to not just oblige, but to make sure you got the very best. From the soft touch, rich smell and gorgeous looks, we know how great leather can be; that’s why we developed the Baggizmo Leather bag made with 100% genuine Italian Nappa Leather. The soft feel to the touch and variety of bold vibrant colours gives users a wide range of options when they want to look their best but still carry their essentials with them. The leather Baggizmo is designed and made with careful consideration for the materials in question - not just any leather would do. This is the reason why we searched and tested a great variety of leather types before choosing the best one for our customers.