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What makes something classic? Or better yet, what makes something classy? We’ve asked ourselves this question while developing our Classic Baggizmo Leather bag, and during our research and brainstorms we came to a realization that goes beyond just picking the materials for the bag. A bag, a wallet, a jacket, a shoe - all these things are by definition simple apparel items. It’s the materials they're made of that gives them their soul. Imagine a plastic wallet and what pops up in your head? Probably a kids wallet, or a cheap one with that does it’s job, but is totally devoid of passion. Or how about a cotton canvas shoe? It suggests something light, but hard to clean and definitely not made to last. And finally, imagine a nylon bag. It’s something colourful but cheap (like its price tag) to the touch, with straps that might have broken after a week or so. Now imagine each of the items above, but made with high quality leathers. The wallet is no longer a child's toy - now it belongs to a gentleman who wants to keep his money, cards and ID safe behind a strong hide. The shoe is no longer a light sneaker, but an elegant dress shoe that completes the gentleman's outfit. And the bag is no longer a cheap beach bag, but a robust and sophisticated everyday carry option the gentleman uses to hold his valuables, safely and comfortably, as he walks through the busy city streets.

Items themselves aren’t always classics, but leather is always classy in a classic way. With that in mind, we got down to work to ensure our Classic Leather Baggizmo bags is the bag our customers thought of when they think Leather. The soft and supple nappa leather is produced in the Veneto region of Italy, where some of the finest leather come from. Using a number of modern and traditional techniques, the leather on our Baggizmo bags always looks sleek and new. The vibrant colours are dyed into the leather to ensure it’s quality and structural integrity is maintained. Don’t let the softness of our leather crossbody bags fool you, they aren’t as fragile as they seem and can stand up to the elements with the best of them. The leather Baggizmo crossbody bag is a premium and elegant variation of our Baggizmo bag that any professional would be happy to carry with them to work, to a meeting, or even to the greens.