Baggizmo add-on buckle


For more active body movements (running, leaning forward like while riding a bike, jumping etc.), the Baggizmo crossbody bag is additionally fixed to a second point by using an add-on buckle that attaches to the pants, belt or a back pocket.

Baggizmo bag accessory.

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Advanced movement solution

Made for people in motion, Baggizmo bag will stay secure even during sharp and dynamic body movements, so you can carry it while enjoying your favorite sports activity or exercise.

Man on bike doing stunts with a red textile shoulder crossbody bag by Baggizmo

Fix it to the pants, belt or a back pocket

Using our handy add-on buckle you can easily choose the secure second fixing point for your Baggizmo bag.

Made with high-quality parts

The add-on buckle consists of the highest-quality parts: the elastic strap made in Belgium and Zamak alloy, the same material that is used for the buckles on your Baggizmo bag.

Crossbody bag attached with special add-on buckle

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