Vintage Brown Baggizmo Wiseward Essential Wallet

$89.00 $39.00

Skillfully hand crafted, RFID protected wallet for people who appreciate simplicity and minimalist design.

  • RFID protection
  • Extra slim
  • More storage with two internal pockets
  • New external pocket for quick access
  • Made from FSC® certificated eco-friendly innovative materials
  • Two-tone and three tone colour choices in multiple colour palettes

PRE-ORDER ITEM - Estimate time of delivery July


You asked for it.
We made it happen.

Reviewing the feedback from our users and prospective customers, we recognized a need for the specific version of Wiseward wallet: one that would include all new set of benefits like more storage, easier handling and lighter construction without electronic components.

We didn’t simply make a stripped down version of our smart wallet – what we did instead was create a whole new product, producing design layout that would meet the requirements of our users: all in order to create simpler, essential wallet for people who love the original but live for the traditional.

Get to know it

Details, the design choices and overall look of the Wiseward essential are derived from the same values and philosophy behind Baggizmo Wiseward smart wallet, but adapted to users like you: people who set a higher value on classic features of the wallet rather than newest electronic technology.

Feel the quality

Baggizmo Wiseward Essential wallet is made of high quality FSC® certified fabric that is durable, water repellent, breathable and tough, but also soft to touch. It`s manufactured in Italy which guarantees originality, style and high quality.

Stay safe all the way

Using specialized encasing materials, the Wiseward Essential is RFID secured and will protect your cards against skimming devices, i.e. data theft. You don’t have to fear anymore while riding on a crowded bus, train or subway, or while standing in a queue close to other people.

Go for practicality

Wiseward Essential features practical minimalist design, well organized interior with two internal pockets that allow you for more storage space, and handy external pocket for quick access. It also comes in wide choice of nicely balanced two and three tone colour combinations.

Carry it with pride

Wiseward Essential is designed and manufactured in the EU by an award winning product design team, skillfully made using first class materials and combining simplicity with good looks.




Wiseward Essential can hold up to 10 credit cards in two RFID protected sections, plus up to 6 cards in two internal pockets, intended for non-protected cards. The section without RFID protection enables you to use cards that must stay unblocked all the time - so you don't have to pull them out of the wallet if you want to open the garage, enter the subway station etc.



Due to the design of its compartments, it's only 0.4" (10 mm) thick when filled optimally (10 cards and cash).

Weight: approx. 55 grams


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