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Technology for moviegoers: Top 10 movies about technology

Your favorite movies probably match your personality. This blog post isn’t about romantic comedies. If your lifestyle is all about SF, superheroes and technology, we have a top 10 list made just for you!

We chose top 10 movies about technology that will probably make you watch them all, if you already haven’t.

 #1 The Matrix

Let’s start with the big one. This incredible SF story was released in the late 20th century.

There are countless reasons why this movie is so special. The Matrix presented innovative visual effects and Keanu Reeves’ acting completed the excellence of this movie. Once you watch it, you will be sure in just one thing – you will want to watch it again! And after that, spare some time for watching the sequels: The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.

matrix dimensions

#2 I, Robot

Maybe it’s because of Will Smith or because of the amazing story, we are not sure yet, but one thing is certain: if you are a geeky and tech lover type of person, then your imagination certainly made you think sometimes what would the life on Earth be like if people invented humanoid robots.

This movie offers an answer. The story takes place in the no-so-distant future – in 2035. So if you haven’t seen it yet, make some popcorn and enjoy this cinematic treat.

#3 The Social Network

This movie is not about future tech solutions and doesn’t have any special effects.

It’s a story about how it all began and how the idea about a social networking site came to life. Yes, it’s about the Harvard student, Mark Zuckerberg. It is a story about Facebook.

You will love this movie because it shows that every success had beginnings. This one is great for tech lovers, innovators and entrepreneurs.

#4 Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope

Of course, you need to watch all of them. For some people, Star Wars movies are a lifestyle and for others just a trend.

We chose A New Hope for this list because it has it all – awesome tech ideas, a love story, great space battles, that special warmth around the heart when you watch an old movie, and above all – Chewbacca.

This one is from 1997 and directed by George Lucas. Perfect for lazy weekends and relaxing.

star wars

#5 Ex Machina

Another great movie for tech and robot lovers!

The movie is about a young programmer selected to participate in a strange and fascinating experiment in which he must interact with the world’s first artificial intelligence.

This independent production (released in 2015) is a science fiction and psychological thriller with an excellent story that could really surprise you.

#6 X-Men

It will take you quite some time to watch all X-Men movies. And of course, if you are a real fan you need to have a favorite character among the X-Men.

All these movies are about a team of superheroes, their lifestyle and the problems which their powers bring and, of course, solve at the end. Indulge your imagination and enjoy the story about this extraordinary crew.

#7 Inception

This science fiction action film directed by Christopher Nolan will amaze tech lovers, psychologists and girls in general because, come on, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy in the same movie? How awesome is that?

The story of this movie is incredible. It’s about a professional thief who steals information by infiltrating people’s subconsciousness.

He receives an offer to have his criminal record erased if he plants another person’s idea into a target’s subconsciousness. Great actors, an interesting story and wow visual effects will amaze you.

city upside down

#8 Transformers

If the movie above is a treat for the girls, well here’s one for the boys.

Cars turn into massive robots and they fight. We simplified it a bit but if you didn’t watch Transformers, embrace yourself. It’s an ancient struggle between two Cybertronian races.

And to make things more intense, the greatest power is held by a teenager. Enjoy!

#9 Back to the Future

It’s a classic! And if you are a normal person, you’ve already seen this movie for at least 3 times and you will watch it again.

The great thing about watching old SF and technology movies is that you laugh so hard watching how the present (future in the movie) is depicted. This time – traveling story/future tech story – will make you laugh and it will probably be the best 1 hour and 56 minutes of your day.

#10 Avengers: Endgame

Maybe it’s a cliché to end this list with the Endgame.

On the other hand, it’s kinda cool. So, things are not good and the Universe is in ruins.

The Avengers will do their best and sacrifice everything to complete their mission and defeat the Thanos. Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Ant-Man… Well, all of them, including some surprises like T’Challa from Black Panther.

It’s a movie full of surprises, so take a deep breath before watching!

avengers endgame