Plenty of cities across the globe are vibrant and extravagant in their unique ways. 

Every city has its unique personality and the primary influencers of the character of a city are the people living in them, their tastes and their interests.

The great cultural diversity in every part of the world has a significant influence on the concept of style in every city.

Although the Internet can help you learn about every trending style, actually visiting these exotic locations would be a mind-opening experience. Such an experience would certainly stir a change in your style sense and fashion concepts.

You can often witness street fashion making an impact on the styles that the big brands eventually adopt.

This article will take you on a journey through five of the most fashionable cities in the world.

The Most Stylish Cities in the World

1. Paris, France

It is no surprise that Paris tops our list of the world’s most stylish cities.  The city of lights has been the leader of global fashion for centuries, is celebrated as the fashion capital of the world, and it is also the birthplace of couture.

Paris has a history of triumphing as the most elegant metropolis in the world in a vote with over 400 global cities participating in the competition.

The city is also a beacon of French culture and  makes a considerable contribution in painting, cuisine and literature.

Every corner is full of history and grandeur, and the generations of citizens still maintain it in pristine condition.

Paris is most famous for its annual fashion week, widely known as the fashion mecca. The event draws in fashion pilgrims from all over the world to witness the eccentric styles on the cutting edge of the fashion industry.

Due to its sophistication and class, the Paris fashion is rather expensive. However, the elegance and quality of the outfits attract the most influential people on the planet because they want to indulge in luxury.

Fashion accessories such as classy crossbody bags and everything else that you could ever imagine can be found here.

Effortless elegance defines the style of Paris fashion.

It is also home to the biggest brands in the world of fashion, including Channel, Dior and Hermes and also has several fashion streets, and its street fashion is arguably the best in the world.

2. Milan, Italy

Milan is second to none when it comes to the sophistication. Italy is full of fashionable cities and Milan takes the crown as the fashion capital of Italy. This stylish city boasts incredible culture, incredible sights and beautiful people who have fashion in their souls.

The Quadrilatero d’Oro square  is host to some of the most famous boutiques in the world. Milan is also the birthplace of some of the most famous names in the world of fashion such as Prada, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, and Versace.

The Milan fashion week is second only to Paris, and the city makes the finest luxury fashion, known for quality fabrics and textiles.

The city also has quaint streets with architectural marvels and awe-inspiring art.

At the center, there is the magnificent Duomo di Milano, with its 3,400 statues and 135 spires.

Milan also has cultural and historical landmarks such as the Sistine Chapel with Leonardo’s The Last Supper and the Teatro Alla Scala, one of the oldest and cherished opera houses in Italy.

3. London, England

London is a multicultural hotspot brimming with a uniquely cosmopolitan culture that does not exist in any other part of the world.

The streets of London are as unique as the fashion tastes of its people, which consist of vintage, hipster, and alternative communities.

The residents of London are well-known by their impeccable style. The city is home to designers such as Stella McCartney, Jimmy Choo, and Vivienne Westwood.

Exquisite tailoring, artistry, and neopunk elements define the spirit of the London fashion.

The ancient architecture and rich history are fascinating and can provide plenty of style inspiration. The residents of London carry a unique sense of fashion that is both tacky and refined, and they pull off the style effortlessly.

They pay attention to the smallest details such as wallets.  Everything is pitch-perfect and fashionable.

4. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is among the most stylish cities in the world, and the guide to fashion in this city is the eccentricity. It is also the birthplace of trends such as crop top and of the gender-neutral dressing.

Tokyo street style is both fascinating and otherworldly, integrating some of the most extreme concepts and trends.

The punk and gothic style elements find themselves at home in Tokyo, and the city encourages you to express yourself and be bold and daring in your style.

5. New York, USA

The bustling metropolis of New York has been a fashion hub since the turn of the 20th century.

The iconic city hosts the famous New York Fashion Week and is also home to two leading institutions of higher education in the world of fashion – the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Parsons School of Design.

The city is amazingly elegant, and the fashion is unashamedly stylish. From stylish bags to outstanding outfits, the street fashion is colorful and sharp, with healthy doses of creativity.

The culture is diverse, and bold is the preferred style of New York streets.


Some cities have a very distinctive sense of fashion and have a plethora of followers around the globe who resonate and try to emulate the style.

In today’s world of easy global connectivity of the Internet, the inspiration for the fashion world extends beyond the traditional fashion capitals of the world.

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Nowadays there are plenty of new cities which deserve a place among the most stylish cities in the world. Also, the style concepts travel faster and are more influential due to the connectivity provided by the Internet and social media.