Man standing at the airport looking at flight schedule

The Scientific Art of Dressing for the Airport

Is there anything worse than going through airport security? We think not. This is why we bring you our guide for dressing for the airport.

Not much comes close to the degrading feeling of having all your stuff torn open and placed in a tray for everyone to see, then taking off your shoes and walking through a metal detector like a hardened criminal. Even those, who because of our jobs are constantly in airports and barely ever have anything to carry with us aside from certain fragile essentials. This is why we decided to make our guide for dressing for the airport.

Our carry-ons consists of a phone, tablet, a notebook and pen, and maybe a book. But most of us still carry huge backpacks that are regularly torn open, and then our shoes and belt off, heavens forbid if you’re wearing any jewelry.. Then we’re expected to quickly put everything on again on the other side so as not to crowd the line. Finally one day during one of my regular airport visits, I decided to develop the perfect mens’ frequent fliers attire. A dress code for men that are in the air more often than the ground. A style that would make going through airport security faster and easier but without sacrificing any form and looking like a tourist from Florida.

The boat shoe

The boat shoe is one of the greatest inventions and a absolute must in any frequent fliers outfit. Most people would scoff at the idea of boat shoes being anything else than for a boat, but I would argue they’ve never tried a pair on. The perfect blend of slipper, dress shoe and rugged outdoors shoe. With the sheer amount of colours and styles to choose from, one might even be able to pass in a business meeting surrounded by suits wearing boat shoes.. Might. Ok not really, but damn are they comfortable, easy to put on and take on in a moments notice and with the right outfit, look great.

Man wearing grey boat shoes on a boat

Khaki pants

Khaki pants are the prefered pants for many men. From the lawyer playing a round of golf, to the sea fairing executive not really sailing the boat he’s on, the khaki pants emphasize style and comfort in one flexible package.

The shirt

The shirt is the most flexible part of the outfit. But with khakis and boat shoes, the recommendation is something that works well with those colours. This part is completely up to you as long as you don’t do something silly like wear a hoodie. Ugh.

The carry on

Finally the pièce de résistance, the carry on. This is where most of the trouble lies for most frequent fliers but for the light traveler like myself, I think I’ve found the holy grail. The Baggizmo is a light, slim body hugging sling bag designed to be taken off and put on in a moments notice. The little thing has so much room inside of it and even though I don’t carry much, it’s great to have something not hanging and swinging over my shoulder as I walk.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Using this outfit, I managed to burn through security in seconds, compared to the awkward wrestling to get my shoes on, belt around my waist and things back in my backpack. The boat shoes slipped off, the khakis didn’t need a belt and the Baggizmo, it slid off my shoulder and easily opened up the two compartments holding all of my things. Passing through the metal detector with a huge smile on my face warranted some looks from the grumpy security guard, but nonetheless I did it. I found the perfect frequent flyer uniform. There you are gents, designed, tested and perfectly scored. Dressing for the airport at its finest.