Man putting a smart wallet into his pocket

Each person has their own definition of a great wallet. For men it’s usually one of the last items we think about in our wardrobes, if at all.

Each person has their own definition of a great wallet. For men it’s usually one of the last items we think about in our wardrobes, if at all. Most of my life, I never gave much thought to it either, using the same tattered leather wallet for years. It was big, bulky, and stuffed with so many useless papers and cards that I would sit unevenly when it was in my back pocket. My friends would say that I was basically George Costanza from Seinfeld with that old wallet. Undeterred by the comment, since I found George’s character to be the most entertaining, I did need a new wallet since mine had finally taken its last breath.

I decided to scour the internet for a wallet that would make me rethink whether or not the wallet means more than just a place to hold your cash and cards. To my surprise, people actually care about square piece of fabric holding your cash. And for good reason, some of these items are very well made and are quite intuitive. Here are the three best types of wallets I’ve found in my research.

Super slims

These are some of the best selling wallets online today. The credit card sized wallets are made with many different materials, from carbon fiber to standard leather. They hold cards and act as a cash clip which is an interesting approach since cold hard cash is becoming less prevalent ever since the rise of credit cards. Most work with some switch or small lever mechanism to pop out your cards when you need them, but for some the ease of access is not that great. Another problem with these wallets is the lack of storage for coins and other oddly shaped items one might carry in their wallet. I know many musicians that always carry a guitar pick or two with them in their wallets. For those people these might not be the best option.

The smart wallet

Everything is “smart” today, from your phone to your fridge, it’s no surprise that wallets would be a part of the internet of things movement. Compared to many other smart devices though, the smart wallet actually makes sense. Many smart wallets can be tracked in case of getting lost or stolen. Almost all of the have RFID protection and a few even have nifty tools on them like UV lights to check for fake bills or just to make it easier to pay for drinks in a smokey club. The obvious issue with these are, as with most smart things, battery life. But with some of the better models like the Wiseward, its battery is pretty good and comes with wireless charging so no need to actually change the batteries on it.

Smart wallet and smartphone

Baggizmo Wiseward smart wallet

The normal bi-fold wallet

You’re probably thinking, “what’s so special about a normal wallet?” Well, although things haven’t really changed for the modern wallet since it’s standardization in the 1950’s, the invention of the internet and modern manufacturing techniques and materials have opened the gates for endless variations on the standard bi-fold wallet. Coming in every colour, design and material imaginable, and with many of them today offering RFID protection and intuitive designs, there is a wallet out there for every type of person with every fashion sense imaginable. To that I say, Happy shopping.

Woman with bracelets holding a bifold wallet with euros