10 cool travel accessories every traveler must have in 2020

10 Cool Travel Accessories Every Traveler Must Have in 2020

As 2020 is almost here, you need to prepare for a better, safer and smarter trip experience in your life.

As you plan your journey, make sure that you have the necessary travel accessories you will need to enhance your travel safety. Here are 10 awesome travel accessories you will need in 2020.

#1 Ergonomic Travel Pillow

Long trips are often tiresome. Whether you are traveling by air, railway, or road, you need stability and comfort on your seat. It could be dangerous if your head falls forward when you fall asleep while on a plane or when the plane runs into turbulence.

The travel pillow protects your head from swaying and enhances your stability even when your means of transport hurdles through external forces. It is portable and you can take it with you on the plane in your carry-on bag. You can also use the pillow on a train, bus or cab. With this accessory, you can sleep comfortably, without worrying about losing your balance.

#2 Water Filter and Purifier

In a recent WHO report, a third of the world population has no access to safe drinking water. Quite scary, right? Consequently, you too might not have access to safe drinking water in all the cities or destinations that you visit while on your trip.

Getting clean water in cities is possible, but you may have to pay for it in some places. As a traveler, you will probably not want to add the cost of drinking water to your budget. When you are out hiking, you will want to drink more, but you will have less access to water. With a water filtering bottle, you can purify river, stream or borehole water and kill germs before drinking.

#3 Car Roof Racks

While many people perceive trips as long journeys to faroff destinations that require flying, the truth is that you can also travel within your own country or to a neighboring state. Some countries are vast and touring them by a vehicle brings more excitement and experience than flying out.

In 2020, you want to make trips in your vehicle. All you need is to prepare for the destinations where you will be spending your nights and relaxing after moving from city to city. If you are traveling with your family, a roof rack enables easier transportation of the luggage and travel accessories you might need on your trip.

SUV in a desert

#4 Insect Repellents

Adventure trips are great, but you should remember there are nasty insects that can bite you or transmit a disease to you. In tropical climates, for example, mosquitoes are common. Among other things, they carry the deadly malaria parasite. Insects tend to live in bushes outside cities or by roadsides.

On most trips, you will want to spend your evenings outside, admiring the scenery. You could also go for a hike on a weekend to explore nature. But in 2020, you will not want to battle with insects while you on your trip. All you need is a high-quality mosquito repellent that will drive insects away.

#5 Portable Hotspot

In the present era, Internet connection is as vital as access to shelter and food.  You want an easy way to communicate with your family while on a trip, and VoIP calls like Skype, email, and social media are necessary communication tools.

Because of the limitations in Internet access in some places, in 2020 you will need to carry your portable internet hotspot on your trips around the world. Choose one that gives you a flat fee and can be connected in any part of the world.

#6 Travelers’ Charging Adapter

As part of the communication process, your phone and tablet need power all the time while on your trip. Whether charging it outdoors or in your hotel, it will be easier if you have your portable adapter with you.

The reason for buying a travel adapter is that different places have different voltages. For instance, power sockets in the EU carry a voltage of 220-240V while in America they have 110-120V. It means that your ordinary smartphone adapter may not work at your destination.

#7 Clothes Washing Bag

Carrying clothes on your trip is awesome, but washing them is not easy. Whenever you change your clothes, you need to wash them as fast as possible and make sure they are dry before you move on. At many destinations, hiring people to do your laundry is not easy or affordable.

A washing bag will help you get your clothes clean as fast as your washing machine. The bag can clean your clothes in less than five minutes, and you can also use it to dry them while moving on to your next stop. In the long run, this bag saves you both time and cash. This is why this bag is one of the best travel accessories. 

#8 Waterproof Document Holder

While traveling, your passport and other travel and official documents need maximum protection. It is necessary to keep them in a safe place where they won’t crease or get wet.

A document holder  will make sure that all your important documents are safe from accidental folding while traveling and moving around with your luggage. Choosing a waterproof folder will ensure that your passport is protected from moisture or water damage.

#9 Packing Cubes

Traveling entails a lot. You need to carry your clothes, passport, electronics, and lots more accessories that you need on your trip. Your travel bag may be big enough to accommodate all the stuff, but it is not sufficient when it comes to packing.

With packing cubes, you can keep your stuff in different “chambers” so that you do not mix up things. Whenever you want to take out your passport or laptop, you will know where to pull it out from without exposing everything you have aboard.

Open suitcase

#10 Universal Waterproof Smartphone Case

Outdoor adventure enthusiasts carry protective gear to keep themselves warm in case of a storm. However, most of them forget to carry a protective case for their smartphone. Simply tucking your phone in your rain jacket may not be enough.

With a waterproof case, you can use your device even underwater. You will no longer fear rain when you go hiking. The universal case will help you keep all your phones dry while using them outdoors in wet weather conditions.

Summing It Up

As you plan your 2020 trips, equip yourself with the most important accessories that you think you will need for your trip. For the best experience, you may want to ask other travelers about their experience at your destination so that you can carry the accessories you need and that we did not cover. Such online travel communities and websites are vital for sourcing the information you need.