murse-man purse

We are surrounded with the temptations of fashion! It’s hard to decide which accessory to choose, which items fit or don’t fit into our lifestyle.

Today, men are facing with fashion innovations same as women, so we bring them some cool ways to rock a murse and make a fashion statement!

What Is a murse?

If there are those who are still unfamiliar with this term, murse is a purse for men!

It is the latest hottest trend among men. A perfect accessory that has it all – looks and practicality. There is a great demand for these items. No way a man living in 2019 can make it through the day without some kind of bag.

Smart phones, headphones, wallet, keys… All these items need storage which is practical for the everyday use. Murse is the crown of the revolution in male accessories!

Murse as a fashion Statement

As usual, when celebrities make the first step, everybody follows it.

That’s how murse became such a huge trend among men. Many celebrities stroke a pose in front of cameras and made some new standards in men’s fashion. The elegant look that Terrence Howard pulled on red carpet is an inspiration for every man who wants to make an impression with his outfit and accessorize.

And as you can see, it’s not only reserved for athletes. It’s for men in suits, casually dressed men, everybody. The only thing we can say is: don’t resist. Embrace the changes in fashion industry without any fear because, as you can see, the only results men are getting are good looks.

baggizmo red murse

Choose the Murse that Describes You

There are so many different models of man-bags. Choose the one which fits perfectly with your style. Find the shape and size of murse that fits you best. Also, find your murse made from the materials you like most.

Leather murse is perfect match if you are a fan of luxurious look and feel. There are various other materials that can be used for excellent high-quality, bags so do some research and find the perfect murse for you.

Modern lifestyle has made sure that you really have some good options. Nowadays, murses are made with the idea that they make your life simpler, but also that they fulfill the fashion aspect in your life.

Forget About Joey’s Situation

Yes, we all remember it. It was season 5, episode 13 of Friends. Joey gets mocked by his friends for wearing a man bag. Come on guys, it was a funny episode but it was 1998. Guess what, it’s almost 2020 and Joey did not have remotely as many items as the men of today. And today’s men have to carry them around for everyday use.

Instead of being mocked at, they are usually asked questions like: Hey, where did you buy it? One might say that Joey predicted the future!

Don’t Be Afraid of Colors

Wouldn’t you like to have a special everyday essential that would make a large contribution to your fashion statement?

Be the cool guy in your environment. Leave an impression, so people will remember you as a modern and stylish with a great sense of fashion! We live in the times when gender conventions are being eliminated. Finally, the murse is absolutely a hit and there are no more girly or manly colors.

There are only good or bad combinations of clothes and accessorize.

Fashion is art, so choose any color you love and make your style look like the work of a great artist.