Top 5 Fall 2019 Fashion Trends for Women

With Fall already in full swing, everyone is talking about current trends. Check out our top 5 Fall 2019 fashion trends for women.

Maybe you already started implementing some of them, but on the other hand, if you need an additional inspo or you are about to go on a shopping spree, this list might help.

Obviously, there are more than just 5 fashion trends for women this Fall, but these are just our favorites right now.

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#1 Capes

Fall is the perfect time for transitional jackets. If a denim jacket or a trench coat is too mainstream for you, then a cape is the perfect solution.

It’s the fashion-girl way of staying warm and stylish when it starts getting a bit chilly outside.

They come in different sizes, lengths, colors and materials, and designers are just loving them this Fall.

Celine, Gucci and Burberry are just a few designer brands that suggest wearing cool capes this Fall/Winter.

capes, transitional jacket

#2 Belted Suits

Belted blazers are all the rage at the moment. This means you can wear a full suit (pants + blazer) or combine your fave blazer with something else on the bottom. The important thing is that you belt your blazer.

This trend really flatters all figures because it cinches in your waist while giving you a little bit of extra panache.

belted suits

#3 Long Coats

Outerwear loves drama this Fall/Winter. This season’s coats are super long and cozy which means you can be warm and on trend at the same time. They come in many colors and prints so it’s up to you how much drama do you want.

If you are more of a classic person, opt for a camel-colored long coat. On the other hand, if you’re not afraid to experiment with fashion, go for a bright-colored long coat or a plaid one.

The houndstooth-patterned ones that you can see on Chanel’s runway show really caught our attention.

long coats

#4 Statement Shoulder

The 80’s called and they want their shoulders back… Well, we’re not giving them back! They are here to stay and we love them! Nothing says power suit like a strong shoulder.

The wide shoulder and slim waist silhouette are all the rage right now and the designers can’t get enough of them. We say: Embrace them and show the world what kind of a boss babe you are!

statement shoulder

#5 Leopard Print

Leopard print never really goes out of style.

People always like incorporating at least a little piece of leopard print into their outfits, but especially in Fall and Winter.

It seems like many designers have been inspired by this wild cat and suggest clothes and accessories in this print.

Choose a leopard-print faux fur coat as the statement piece of the season, or go for a leopard-print clutch or shoes. When it comes to this print, even a little bit goes a long way.

leopard print