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How to Choose A Smart Wallet?

A wallet is one of the most personal items we carry around every day. It contains your whole identity and private information. This is why we’re bringing you our tips on how to choose a smart wallet.

Think about it; your ID is in there, your credit cards, cash, health insurance card, possibly photos of your family, your friends’ business cards, and so on.

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That being said, think about how you would feel if someone stole such personal items from you. Chances are you would feel sad, scared, disappointed and lost. Some criminal now has all your personal data and you feel vulnerable. This person could steal your identity and money, and they could basically come to your house because they have your address! Now you have to call the bank and block your credit cards, go to the police and file a report that your documents were stolen, request new documents, maybe even change the locks on your door! Does this make you feel uneasy? Yeah, us too.

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Thankfully, in this day and age there are innovative solutions that can lengthen the odds of your wallet getting stolen. Getting a smart wallet is a great start. Of course, there are no magical solutions. You still have to take care of your stuff, but a smart wallet can definitely help a lot.

Today’s smart wallets are usually equipped with a tiny tracker, RFID protection, LED lights, and various sensors. All of this is meant to help you in your everyday life and make your wallet more secure and more practical. But in the sea of smart wallets and advanced features in the market, how do you actually choose which one is best for you? If this is something you have been wondering, continue reading this and maybe we can help you out.

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Smart wallet design

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s a saying we all know very well, but we rarely think about it. We all have our preferences when it comes to design, hence it’s very important to choose a smart wallet design that you will personally like and that will work for your lifestyle.

One of the first things to take into consideration is whether you want a leather smart wallet or a smart wallet made of artificial materials.

If you prefer leather accessories, make sure the company you are buying from is not sketchy. Better said, make sure it sources the leather ethically and that they only use high-quality leather. On the other hand, if you are a vegetarian or a vegan, or just don’t want to use products that contain animal substances, make sure that the man-made material the smart wallet is made of is eco-friendly. It would be ideal that it’s FSC certified because that ensures that the material comes from the responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

The next thing you will probably want to consider is the size.

It’s crucial to find a wallet that stays slim even when it’s full, like the Baggizmo Wiseward. We all know the feeling of carrying a super bulky wallet around, and the things falling out of it upon opening. It is not only embarrassing, but also dangerous: if things fall out of your wallet, someone could easily steal them.

The abovementioned scenario brings us to the issue of compartments. Be sure to think about what kind of wallet do you need in terms of how many compartments do you actually need for your credit cards and cash. Some people carry more cash and some prefer using credit cards all the time. The wallet design will be completely different depending on how do you like to pay for stuff.

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Smart wallet features

As we previously mentioned, there are very few limits when it comes to smart wallets of today. Technology is advancing every single day which means smart wallet possibilities are also changing and advancing all the time. It all just depends on what you want and need.

Almost all smart wallets have RFID protection and are traceable. Some of the additional features they might have are: LED light, UV light for detecting counterfeit bills, a smartphone app you can connect your wallet to, wireless charging, movement detection sensors etc.

Some people prefer to have more tech in their wallets, while others are less demanding and just want the basics. It’s good there are choices for everyone in the market.

However, some tech features that might seem a bit extra when you first see them could actually turn out to be very useful. UV light could definitely sound like too much, but think about it. Imagine you’re on vacation and maybe you’re buying something at the local bazaar. The salesman gives you a bill that looks suspicious, but you’re not sure. Now you can easily check for the watermark in your wallet thanks to the UV light. It doesn’t sound that extra / too much anymore, right?!

At the end of the day, we are blessed that we live in an era where there is so much diversity in everything and everyone can choose what they like and need.

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The price

Price is something most people will consider when buying something, including a smart wallet. It’s ideal when you can find the right features, design and price for what you need. However, higher quality usually means higher price. Of course, it doesn’t always have to be like that. Baggizmo Wiseward smart wallet is the perfect example of a smart wallet with the latest technology and design, but also affordable price. High quality doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag.

Again, it all depends on what you like; leather wallets will usually be more expensive because leather is expensive. But if your lifestyle does not include leather, then the above-mentioned eco-friendly materials are the best solution!

When you decide to get a smart wallet, these are definitely some key points you should keep in mind. The most important thing is that you like the wallet, that it fits everything you need and that it has the technology you want and that the price is right for you. Everything else is up to you and your personal preferences.