Top 10 Places To Visit in Hong Kong

Top 10 Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a favorite destination of all age groups. It has a variety of sightseeing options like skyscrapers, temples, green markets, places where parties never end, and mouth-watering cuisines. Here are the top 10 places to visit in Hong Kong with your family and friends.

If you are driven by wanderlust, do not forget to carry your scratch-off world map and scratch off Hong Kong after visiting some of its top tourist destinations.

#1 The Skyline

The signature attraction of Hong Kong is its Skyline. The Skyline comprises a group of skyscrapers aesthetically placed in an arch formation on the Hong Kong island, around the Victoria Harbour. On a tiny piece of land on this island there are more skyscrapers than anywhere else in the world. The Skyline looks majestic in the day when seen from the Victoria Peak. At night, the Skyline sparkles under the laser and light show called the Symphony of Lights.

Hng Kong Skyline

#2 Lamma Island

Lamma Island is a perfect place for a rural retreat and a great place to escape from the hectic life of the city. If you feel a bit lost in the crowds of Hong Kong and want to rest on your own, then Lamma Island is a place for you. There you can stay in a jungle, surrounded by greenery, beautiful beaches, remote villages, and restaurants serving seafood. Explore this island by hiking as there are no cars here. 

Lamma Island in Hong Kong

#3 The Markets

The best way to connect with the locals in Hong Kong is to go shopping at local markets. They offer a plethora of items, starting from freshly caught fish from the sea to fake designer bags. Carry a minimalistic, stylish Baggizmo bag while you are out shopping. You must visit one of the tourist markets to buy some local souvenirs at a bargain price or a wet market where you can experience how the locals shop daily.

Wet markets in Hong Kong

#4 The Temples

Temples are essential part of the culture and religious life of Hong Kong. During major festivals, the local crowd will gather in the temples to offer gifts to appease the gods. Soak up the noise, colors, the chaos and the aroma of the smoke from the constantly  burning incense sticks. Traditional Chinese motifs boldly decorate the temples. One of the best places to start exploring the temples in Hong Kong is the Man Mo Temple located near Hollywood Road.

Temple in Hong Kong

#5 Happy Valley Racecourse 

Apart from the parties and tall skyscrapers, Hong Kong is famous for its racehorses. Every Wednesday, people of Hong Kong will gather at the Happy Valley Racecourse to cheer for the horses, with a hot dog in one hand and a beer in the other. The charged-up atmosphere and the neon lights of the skyscrapers create a jaw-dropping effect on the racecourse.

Best places in Hong Kong

#6 Statue Square

Statue Square is a historic place in Hong Kong. It was once the heart of the British colonial power in Hong Kong. The most striking feature of Statue Square is the beautiful modern LegCo building. The Hong Kong legislature meets once a year in this building. You will find many buildings with colonial architecture here, including the Supreme Court of Hong Kong with its domed roof and arched walkways.

Top places in Hong Kong

#7 Oceans Park

A must-visit place for all lovers of aquatic life, the Oceans Park in Hong Kong is an indigenously grown marine theme park. It has a wide variety of sea creatures, thrilling water roller coasters and rides, and futuristic jellyfish exhibitions. Make sure to visit this place if you want your kids to have the best possible fun in Hong Kong.

#8 The Walled Village

Even though Hong Kong is famous for its modern and active urban lifestyle, you will still find 500-year-old villages surrounded by defense walls. These walled villages still have their heritage intact, with traditionally dressed villagers and huge ancestral halls. Surprisingly, most of the world is unaware of this side of Hong Kong’s history. Hong Kong’s history is beyond just the colonial rule and opium trade. 

#9 Ngong Ping Cable Car

Ngong Ping Cable Car offers an excellent sightseeing opportunity.  As it is 3,5 miles long and 112ft high, it commands a bird’s eye view of the underlying areas of the city. It offers a grand view of the lush green peaks of Lantau and the shining South China Sea. The view gets even better if you choose one of the glass-bottomed cable cars. The trip ends near the 110ft-talll Tian Tan Buddha statue.

Ngong Ping Cable Car in Hong Kong

#10 Hong Kong Disneyland

Disneyland is undoubtedly the most attractive place for kids and elders alike. A visit to Disneyland during Christmas time can be magical. You can revisit your childhood with various colorful musical shows. Get the best experience of Disneyland with the Disney Spectacular Tour that includes all aspects of the theme park.

To summarize, Hong Kong offers a fantastic blend of the fast-paced modern urban life, historic traditional vibe, lush green retreats, perfect kids’ attractions and a boost to your shopping soul. Enjoy your trip and let us know if you visit any of our Top 10 places to visit in Hong Kong!