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EDC Leather Men’s Crossbody Bag that Will Change Your Life

You may have heard of EDC bags, but do you know what EDC stands for?

EDC bag stands for everyday carry bag, and is probably the most useful thing a man can own. There are many options on the market for everyone. Whether you prefer textile bags, leather bags, fun print, or a solid color – you will be able to find something for yourself. However, leather bags are usually the best quality. They last long, plus they look sophisticated.

We found an EDC leather men’s crossbody bag that will change your life.

man wearing leather crossbody bag

Baggizmo leather men’s crossbody bag

If you’re asking yourself how a bag can change your life, we totally get it, but let us tell you a bit about the Baggizmo EDC leather men’s crossbody bag. There are many men out there who have trouble finding the right bag for themselves. It can be very frustrating. They are too big or too small, too thick, or swing around your body when you wear them. Don’t give up – we have just the thing for you.

High-quality bag

Baggizmo bags are high-quality EDC bags designed and manufactured in the EU by an award-winning design team. They combine elegance and functionality, while staying durable. The bag comes in two versions – leather and textile.

The leather used to make the bag is the genuine Italian Nappa leather, well-known all over the world for its outstanding quality, soft touch and durability. There are no compromises with this bag. Every part of it is made according to the highest standards possible.

The bag is perfect for storing all the essentials and gadgets you need on an everyday basis, but it always remains slim – even when fully packed.


Baggizmo bag’s designers thought of everything – even ergonomics! Fixed at a single point and with equally distributed weight, the Baggizmo bag will stay secure on your body. The bag will not slip from one side to the other while you walk, gently lean, stand up, etc.

During more active body movements like running, jumping, riding a bike etc. the Baggizmo bag can be additionally fixed at a second point by using an add-on buckle that attaches to the pants, belt or back pocket.

man wearing men's leather crossbody bag from baggizmo

Left-handed version

If you ask us, there are far too few options out there for left-handed people in general. This is especially true when we talk about bags. It seems like the industry hasn’t realized yet that left-handed people need crossbody bags as well, and that they would probably prefer to have their bag on the other side. Baggizmo design team thought of that, too. This is why they created a special version of the bag for left-handed people so everyone can get their perfect Baggizmo.

Gadget bag

We all have so many gadgets nowadays and we want to keep them safe and clean. Many crossbody bags have just one big compartment and when you put your things inside, they all rub against each other, which means your gadgets could easily get scratched or damaged. Baggizmo bag has many pockets and each pocket is perfectly designed for a single gadget and lined with microfiber, which means your gadgets will be safe and also clean every time you want to use them.

This bag is actually a sort of a gadget itself. It has an integrated NFC tag (Near-field communication) which you can program for various actions. NFC devices are used in contactless-payment systems, similar to those used for credit cards and electronic ticket smart cards and allow mobile payment, thus replacing or supplementing these systems. You can easily scan the NFC tag with your phone and program it for all kinds of actions on your phone.

man wearing men's leather crossbody bag

Whether you’re a tech freak, a fashion lover or a businessman, Baggizmo EDC leather men’s crossbody bag will make your everyday life much easier, safer and more stylish. Give it a try and let us know what you think.