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Why Are Manbags So Popular?

The need for manbags has been around for a long time, but the term “manbag” has been widely used only in the past few years.

It seems like everyone is talking about them and every guy is wearing them. From celebrities and influencers to regular men with 9 to 5 jobs – they all want their perfect manbag.

In 2016, while carrying out its research “A Brief History of the Man-bag”, GQ magazine traced its origins back to Renaissance girth pouches. European men have been carrying manbags for a long time to protect their everyday essentials.  According to the Urban Dictionary a “man’s bag that resembles a purse” is called a “European carry-all”. Having all this in mind, it seems like men have been looking for the right word to call their bags for centuries.

Generally, in men’s mind, when you say “bag” or “purse” it refers to items made exclusively for women, and since many men are prejudiced, they don’t want to carry around something that is supposedly intended for women. We think every person should be able to carry/wear whatever they want, but if the term manbag makes men feel better so they know that this bag is made for them, then let’s embrace the term.

David Beckham, Owen Wilson wearing manbags

The manbag

Nowadays the line between womenswear and menswear is getting more and more blurred. Women often borrow items from men’s closets and vice versa. However, it seems it is still controversial when men wear items made for women. This is probably why many designers are making unisex clothes and accessories. In this case, no one will feel left out.

The today’s tendency is to stop putting labels on people and things; there is no reason why a man shouldn’t wear something that’s more feminine, why a woman shouldn’t dress like a tomboy, why people of different backgrounds shouldn’t be friends, etc. 

However, it seems we lack a term for a bag especially made for men.

Man wearing a manbag over sweater under the jacket

Manbag styles

There are no strict rules when it comes to what style a manbag should be. It can be anything from a chest bag to crossbody bag to backpack… As long as it’s made for men and worn by men, it’s a manbag. Nevertheless, they are usually the size of an iPad with just the right amount of space to store your gadgets and essentials. Men wear them on the shoulder, on their chest, on the side, on the back… It all depends on how someone prefers to wear it and how the bag can physically be worn, given its design.

It seems like every brand is producing manbags nowadays – from Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Dior to H&M, Zara and Asos. Men have plenty of options at different price points.

Manbag and celebrities

One of the main reasons manbags are on the rise are the celebrities who carry them. No one can influence people’s minds as their favorite actors, singers, models and influencers. People have always been fascinated by how their idols look, what they wear, what they do, where they go and so on. When a singer with millions of followers shares his favorite manbag – for example, on Instagram – it will obviously get noticed.

Various manbags can be seen worn by big names such as J. Balvin, David Beckham, Pharrell, Maluma, Owen Wilson, Bad Bunny and more. No wonder every guy wants one as well!

It was especially rappers who popularized chest bags and sling bags in the last couple of years. These types of manbags definitely require that the guy who is wearing them has a very unique and cool style in order for them to look good. Not everyone can pull it off, but if worn right, they can look like the coolest thing ever!

Maluma and Kanye West with chest bags

It looks like more and more men are buying manbags in order to be stylish and protect their essentials. They are realizing that carrying stuff in your pockets is not the best idea because your items can get damaged and because it’s not healthy for your back. There are so many styles of manbags out there that every guy can find the best option for himself, so we say – go for it!