Top 5 New Gadgets That Thrilled Us In 2019

This year is almost behind us. With 2020 getting closer, we have made a list of top 5 new gadgets that thrilled us in 2019.

Technology is advancing very rapidly and you can easily get confused and lost while searching for new gadgets on the market because there are so many products out there. 

Wireless Heaphones

Convenience and simplicity are the most important reasons for the growing popularity of wireless headphones. The biggest fans are students and young people are sick and tired of tangled classic headphones.

Athletes also love this new gadget because it allows them the mobility they need to do exercises and everything else they want while listening to some good music. For example, running has now become a whole new and better experience! Thanks to Bluetooth, the connection between a smartphone and headphones does not require a wire anymore. The advanced and sleek design is also a great asset. Nowadays, products need to fulfill both aspects – their purpose and fashion.

Wireless headphones

Lenovo Smart Clock With Google Assistant

This new gadget will wake you up, but it will also do almost EVERYTHING else you need, all thanks to the Google assistant. With this great innovation you will have fully experience in modern living. This great innovation offers full experience of modern living.

From the comfort of your bed, it is possible to turn on the coffee machine, switch the lights off in or outside your house or maybe listen to music or audiobooks. The user only needs to say a word and everything is possible. Also, enhanced visual experience puts it on a whole new level. It was designed to fit perfectly in every modern interior; with this new gadget, every home becomes a smart home! 

LG Signature OLED TV R9

Although it is not a small gadget that you can put in your pocket, we have included this TV in our list because it is quite impressive. What makes it special is its rollable OLED display. This beauty can literally roll down into its base and disappear when not in use.

This is probably the best innovation ever for those who like the minimalist design. Also, this new gadget for modern home has “display modes”. For example, the first mode raises the screen a few inches, just enough to show some information – like weather, time and date. LG has turned traditional TV watching into a magical new experience. Based on this and other benefits of this product, we really think it’s one of the best innovations of 2019!

oled tv

The Bose Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses

Well, this is something awesome. These sunglasses connect to Bluetooth and play music near ears, without anyone hearing what the person who wears sunglasses is listening to. Although it sounds like a Star Trek item, it is real and available to anyone who loves modern life and new gadgets.

These modern sunglasses with the best classic design are made by Bose. The frames are made from high-quality materials and these replacement lenses are easy to change. Also, they don’t scratch or shatter easily. The Bose Connect App is very simple and has easy access to everything that this product has to offer.

Audio sunglasses

Baggizmo Wiseward Smart Wallet

The final special new gadget on our list is also something we couldn’t even imagine before. It’s a wallet. But it’s not just any wallet, it is the smartest wallet on the market! 

This cool innovation is tech advanced and its got 10 smart functions! Also, it is very small but when you open it – wow! Almost like magic: It can storage 15 credit cards, bills and coins. Pretty amazing, don’t you think? Security movement + fall detection, anti-theft distance sound alarm, UV lamp detecting counterfeit banknotes, RFID-protection section, 

RGB light (with color personalization) and wireless charging. These are some of the functions that this wallet has. The design of this wallet is perfect for every modern man or woman who want their gadgets to fit well with their style.